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Cloud based services

Manage your application cost effective in the cloud

Consulting Services

Design first, develop after

Mobile Platform Development

Developments for mobile world


During the past few years we have completed several projects which can be categorised as follows:

  • Corporation Applications
  • Consulting
  • Web Applications
  • Web Design
  • Server Side JAVA Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • Drupal based websites
  • KnowledgeTree based documentum management
  • Alfresco CMS & DMS customization and integration


Our Customers

  • ACORN d.o.o., Ljubljana, SI
  • Alfastreet d.o.o., Kozina, SI
  • Amplefuture Ltd., London, UK
  • Artaban Kft., Budapest, HU
  • Axico Kft., Budapest, HU
  • BeepScience AS., Oslo, NO
  • Bull Hungary Kft., Budapest, HU
  • Carat Technology d.o.o., Ljubljana, SI
  • Culinaris Kft., Budapest, HU
  • Effekta Hungary Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Expert Computer Kft., Budapest, HU
  • Felleskatalogen AS, Oslo NO
  • GAN Media AS., Oslo, NO
  • Gelka Market Kft., Budapest, HU 
  • Greenformatix  Nonprofit Kft., HU
  • InfoMarkIT., Szeged, HU
  • Kft., Szeged, HU
  • IQSys Zrt, Budapest, HU
  • ITC Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Kód Kft., Jászberény, HU
  • Leonardo Communications Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Manamind AS, Oslo, NO
  • MCM d.o.o., Ljubljana, SI
  • Metrocom Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Norsync AS, Oslo, NO
  • Ovitas AS, Oslo, NO
  • Partsoft Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Pharmacoidea Kft., HU
  • Polygon Informatikai Kft., Szeged, HU
  • RANG d.o.o., Ljubljana, SI
  • REWOX Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Secfone Kft., Jászberény, HU
  • Siemens PSE Kft., Budapest, HU
  • Szegedi Közlekedési Kft., Szeged, HU
  • TraceTracker AS., Oslo, NO
  • Transcommers Kft., Szeged, HU
  • Tramp Bt., Szeged, HU