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Custom Web Applications

Creating web applications based on custom requirements

Application Development

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Cloud based services

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Web Application Development

Web Devlopment

If you need an application that you do not want to install on any client machine or mobile device, but need to be accessible from anywhere, then the Web application is the best solution for you.

To access the web application you need nothing more than an internet browser that runs even on your smartphone. If you are thinking of such a unique application developed according to your needs, we can help you with that.

Our staff has more then fifteen years of experience in creating robust 24/7 web applications that you can install on your own server or in the cloud at some cloud provider.

We have extensive experience in developing Java, Node.js, C #, ASP.Net based systems, which can be run on its own or on an application server. Examples of such application servers include Oracle Weblogic, Redhat Wildfly (formerly JBoss) or Microsoft IIS application servers or Tomcat web servers.

Elsősorban Java, Node.js, C#, ASP.Net alapú rendszerek fejlesztésében van nagy tapasztalatunk, melyet önállóan vagy valamely alkalmazás szerveren lehet futtatni. Ilyen alkalmazás szerver példáúl az Oracle Weblogic, Redhat Wildfly (korábban JBoss) vagy  Microsoft IIS alkalmazás szerverek illetve Tomcat web szerver.


Database Servers

Usually web applications use a database server. It is up to you which one is used. If you are unsure which database would be most appropriate for your web application, our colleagues will help you choose the most appropriate one.

We have years of experience in integrating the following database servers, whether are used in standalone or clustered environments:

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