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Mobile platform development

Mobile application development for all platforms


Nowadays it is essential for almost all businesses to distribute their services or products using smart mobile devices. However, creating such applications can be very expensive, if not the right technology and approach is used for the development.

Our experienced team can help you to design the application and to choose the right technology and approach in order to have a cost effective application at the end of the project.

There is actually one major question to be answered. Do we need native platform support for all major platforms, or do we implement everything using the HTML5 technologies? For simpler applications, e.g. where the data processing is not so heavy, the development can be done by using HTML5 technologies. This simplifies the development, since we are using same code base for all major platforms.

However, when it comes to mobile applications, the HTML5 technologies have their limits. In some cases, we need to add native support - for example, large amounts of data processing using pure HTML5 technology can make the application very slow. For such cases, we can develop some of the functionalities in a platform-dependent way, while most of the application will be developed in a platform-independent fashion.

We have deep knowledge of the following native platforms

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, etc.)
  • Android (Android based mobile devices)
  • Huawei platform

Each approach has its benefits and disadvantages. To choose right, the application has to be well defined. We can help you with that too.

Development for platforms is different, you essentially have to write the application for each platform. This means additional costs compared to platform-independent solutions, but there is also much more freedom, because we can implement everything to support the given platform.



 Data synchronization with a central server

Our employees have many years of experience in creating mobile and server-side applications that involve significant server-mobile client data communication. Whether it is one-way (e.g.: updating a list of medicines in mobile applications) or two-way data synchronization (e.g.: warehouse management on a mobile application that communicates with a central server), you can count on our assistance.

Automatic testing of mobile applications

Thorough testing of mobile applications is a time-consuming and expensive operation, given that it has to be tested on several platforms and on different devices within them - even if we look at the most frequently used devices. Not to mention that manufacturers release new versions of the operating system relatively often. If you don't want to lose money by testing applications or buying expensive devices, but at the same time you don't want to buy expensive devices that will become obsolete within six months, the mobile application in the cloud is the ideal solution for you!

Mobile Platform Development

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