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All you need to know about our company

Our Story

Thot-Soft 2002 Kft. Is a Hungarian software development company founded in 2002, which specializes primarily in the development of business applications. We always try to develop according to the most up-to-date and proven trends for our customers. We provide our employees with the opportunity for continuous development (professional conferences, online conferences, books, etc.) through which proven and modern technologies can be mastered.

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Our Working Progress

01 Step


Collect all the requirements, the knowledge that the customer has or the client want to have on his software, the company will collect all the information from the client and prepare the documentation.

02 Step


In this phase, we prepare the high-level and low-level designs. Before developing the software, the design of the software is required.

03 Step


In the Development phase, the software development team starts coding and developing the software. This is the longest phase as developers need more time to build the software.

04 Step


The testing team will test the software, and if any bug is found, then they inform the developers about the issue they found and make sure that the bug is fixed. 

05 Step


Once the project is tested, the project is deployed so that it becomes live to the real-time users.

06 Step


Finally, the project is deployed and available to the clients. Clients want the maintenance period if any bug is found or want a slightly enhanced feature in the project, so they need some team to handle such stuff.

About our company

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Our company has been developing high-quality and reliable software for corporate needs since 2002. We are providing high-quality services to our customers for more then 20 years.

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