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Compass2 - Domain Specific Semantic Search Engine Framework

May 23, 2022

The semantic search engine framework Compass2 was realized within SESAM4 project. The project was developed together with our partner Ovitas AS. The goal of the framework is to help to build-up a semantic search engine. We can attach to the Compass2 core through well defined interfaces different knowledge bases (semantic interpretation of the model), the web interface, different language tools and helpers (spell checkers, stemmers, etc.), content managers (on which we are executing the content query).

What is this used for? In many cases, We are looking in a well-defined topic (e.g. tourism), and we want to see results that are really relevant to the user. More than just a word search could find. You do not need more than to create one or more knowledge model (domain model). and make available to the system. Using this, we can get much more relevant hits. 

This kind of engines can be very useful in applications like web shops or domain specific search engines.

The knowledge bases can be defined in RDF, TopicMap and Compass2 XML,

Used technologies: Java, JEE, MySQL database server, Apache Lucene, Spring3, GXT, RDF, XTM(TopicMap), RESTfull Webservices.

The framework can be download from following link


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