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Energy Consumption Monitoring System

May 23, 2022

The aim was to develop a system with which the operation and supervision of one or more companies, sites and departments can be performed from one place. Energy consumption data is provided by real-time data from remote consumption meters.

The system can also be a great help in troubleshooting. The load on uninterruptible power supplies used in the company can be easily optimized and possible overloads can be avoided with the help of the system.

The user interface shows the power consumption and operating status of each device. The devices can be configured through the interface. Events in the system and its status are constantly logged for easy review. In case of an error, the system sends a signal to the competent authorities via the interface.

Developing the system, we mainly used JEE technologies combined with GWT and Flash technologies.

The robust operation of the system is guaranteed by the JBoss application server.


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