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Rewriting of the TARIC2 system according to the new TARIC3 principles

May 23, 2022

The TARIC2 system, which was launched at the Customs and Excise Department on 1 May 2004, has had to be rewritten, as the EU is pushing for the new TARIC3 system to be introduced in the Member States within 1-2 years. Hungary was among the member states that were able to use the new system to its full advantage from the first moment of its introduction.

TARIC2 and TARIC3 are built with JEE technology and run in a clustered environment on Oracle IAS 10g application server and Oracle 10g database servers.

The rewriting of TARIC2 has meant that the free TARIC_WEB system, which is also available on the Internet, will be rewritten so that the data published on the Internet remains up-to-date.

Client: Customs and Excise

Technologies used:

TARIC3: Java, JEE 1.4, Struts2, Oracle 10g IAS and Oracle 10g DBMS
TARIC3_WEB: C # .NET 2.0, Microsoft IIS 6.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2005


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