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Supplementing the TARIC2 system with Commodity Classification Functions

May 23, 2022

The task was to develop a system that could be integrated into the TARIC2 system used by the Customs and Excise. With the introduction of the new Classification Functions, it is possible to search by keyword and heading in the various classification provisions (eg HS Explanatory Notes, Classification Regulations, etc.). Part of the task was to efficiently upload and maintain these documents. The real challenge in completing the task was how to enable efficient uploading and cutting of documents, as in many cases thousands of pages of documents had to be disassembled into 1-10 page sections.

Interoperability between the various functions also had to be ensured in order to comply with regulations, tariff information, rules, judgments, etc. be viewed in their context.

With the introduction of the new functions, the staff of the Customs and Excise Department will be able to perform their tasks more efficiently, as the documents that were previously only available in printed form have now become available in electronic and searchable form.

The TARIC ÁOF system introduced at the Hungarian Customs and Excise is unique in the EU.

Client: National Headquarters of the Customs and Excise

Technologies used: Java, JEE, Spring2, Struts2, Oracle IAS 10g, Oracle RDBMS 10g


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