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BioDjinn portal server - Complex Bioinformatics Data Mining

May 23, 2022

BioDjinn portal server - Complex Bioinformatics Data Mining

The BioDjinn portal system is a unique Bioinformatics data mining system developed to spare time and resources for our customer. It uniquely combines different technologies and applications to help our customers in information retrieving and processing from different scientific publications and patents.

The processed documents are stored in KnowledgeBase DMS, while the server application is running on JBoss AS Portal JEE server. The document processing was done with enhanced OpenOffice document editor. The plug-in for connecting with KnowledgeTree and JBoss Portal has been written. In this way the data processing time was significantly minimised.

Customer: Acheuron Hungary Kft. :

Technologies used in development of the system: JBoss AS Portal, MySQL database server, Java, JEE5, KnowledgeTree DMS, Apache Lucene and OpenOffice office pack.


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