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Document management

More efficient document management with customized solutions

Document Management

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Document Management
Everyone is aware of the benefits of digital document handling. With the Alfresco Document Management System it can be done effectively as it can be easily customized to the customers needs.
We have several years of experience in the introduction and customization of the Alfresco DMS.
Several types of customer stories we faced over the years:
  • Introducing DMS for company's document handling
  • Using DMS for project documentation management
  • Supporting ISO dokument requirements with Alfreso DMS
  • Migrating from Sharepoint to Alfresco DMS
  • Introducing Alfresco DMS with extension of existing functionalities and adding new ones.



Alfresco Document Management System

The Alfresco DMS is an open source, widely used document management system. It us available in different editions:

and in different platforms:

  • Standalone, installed on premise server, and
  • Cloud based 
The Alfresco DMS is a web application and as such, it is available on a multitude of devices. It can be accessed from mobile platforms as well as through usual web browsers or via a dedicated  Android  or iOS mobile application. 

How we can help....

We have been working with Alfresco for several years now and have a deeper knowledge on how to introduce and customize it to a specific company's needs. The Alfresco DMS is well-supported and easy to extend with new, document-based functions.
You can count on us in case you are using other DMS (e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint) systems and would like to move to Alfresco.
If you have found this interesting and wish to contact us, you can do that by following this link.


Our company has been developing high-quality and reliable software for corporate needs since 2002. We are providing high-quality services to our customers for more then 20 years.

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