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Veterinærkatalogen Mobile Application

The Veterinærkatalogen Mobile Application is developed for Felleskatalogen AS . It contains drug related information for veterinarians.

Min Felleskatalog Pasient Mobile Application

A Min Felleskatalog Pasient Mobile Application is a mobile application developed for Felleskatalogen AS. The mobile application contains information about different drugs, their usage and all relevant information for the patient.




The CompareWeb is a complex JEE web application developed for Felleskatalogen AS. With this application our customer is comparing the modification made in the content with the one already published on the web. If the modifiications are OK, the modified content is published to the web, mobile application or to other publishing channels.


Felleskatalogen Mobile Application

Felleskatalogen's Mobile application is developed for  Felleskatalogen AS  and it contains up-to date information related to the drugs available in Norway. The application is available on all major platforms.